We at Jobping use different Open Source projects so we thought it would be nice to participate by giving back also to that eco-system. This is why we realized Jobping Open Source Short URLs Service 

The project goal was to have our own branded short URL service: http://jobp.in

As we leverage Twitter to have an easy way for job seekers to follow the different published offers, we decided that having our own branded url would be nice. Job posters now get an extra few characters for each tweet and readers can rely on our short URL as a trusted domain that leads them to our main site

Our shortener, http://jobp.in, only accepts long URLs that are in our jobping.com domain.

As it is an Open Source project hosted on Codeplex http://jpurlshortener.codeplex.com, anybody can get its own deployed.

Jobping URL shortener works like other URL shortener services, it takes a long URL and makes it really short. When a user requests one of our short URLs e.g http://jobp.in/g the URL shortener service will redirect the user to the long URL. It issues a standard 301 redirect, an efficient and search engine friendly method for redirecting the user to the long URL location.

If you want more technical details you might read more on the blog of Mark : “Announcing: JP URL Shortener. Open source MVC.NET 2 C#

Stay tuned, we will be contributing more projects just like this to the open source community.