I had the pleasure to read ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly from another ASP.NET MVP and blogger, Maarten Balliauw published by Packt Publishing.

The book is a quick overview of 191 pages covering all the different aspects of ASP.NET MVC 1.0. It ends with three appendix, a sample application CarTrackr, ASP.NET MVC Mock Helpers and Useful links and Open Source Projects, for a total of 231 pages.

Maarten starts with an introduction about Model-View-Controller and the drivers of the new framework. Then it moves to the real overview in details of the different parts of the framework: Form, ModelBinder, Request Life Cycle, Extensibility, Model, Controller, View, Action filters, Routing, Extension, Ajax, Testing and Hosting, mixing ASP.NET with ASP.NET MVC. So all the different parts are covered.

The different code samples are straight and perfectly demonstrates each points explained.

I particularly liked the parts about the Request Life Cycle and Customizing and Extending the ASP.NET MVC framework, one of the main reason I like this framework.

Finally I appreciated that the book is short, you might read it in 2-3 evening, and goes to the essential about ASP.NET MVC.

You might read the Chapter 2 in pdf.

Well done Maarten.