From quite some time I had a crash when running the ATI Catalyst installer and I finally found what was the issue.

Follow the steps in the Knowledge Base (KB) article to solve the problem with the Microsoft Visual Studio mfc80u.dll or mfc80.dll module

This problem was caused by the Microsoft Visual Studio mfc80u.dll or mfc80.dll module, which was created by Microsoft Corporation.


To fix this problem, follow the steps in this online Microsoft Support Knowledge Base (KB) article:

KB961894: An application crashes after you install a product that updates the Mfc80.dll or Mfc80u.dll module

I followed the KB and then I could run again the installer without any issue.

Another good news is that ATI release now installers for notebooks. We don’t need anymore to tweak there installer using Mobility DotNET Final1.1.1.0.

For example I could find the installer for my FireGL V5200.