This year I will finally attend the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) from October 27 to October 30 in Los Angeles.

I really look forward to see where will head Live Mesh. Some year’s ago I was impressed (and I am not that often impressed) by an application called Groove. Groove is an application, but less known is that it is also a platform on top of which you could develop! It was already an initiative of Ray Ozzie. At that time I enjoyed seeing a Windows application exposing Web Services on your local machine to program against, nice idea. With Live Mesh it is a clear next step. And now thanks to Silverlight your applications can be hosted on your notebook but also on the cloud, so there will be accessible from any device with Internet access. I already have an idea for one application to explore this new architecture.

I look forward to learn more about Cloud Services, Velocity, Oslo, Parallelism, the new version of Workflow… It will be an intensive week!

I hope to see the launch of Silverlight for mobile device, the Live Mesh client for mobile device! And why not a synchronization extension for Zune using Live Mesh (this would be hot !)

If I find the time to finalize my project before October 17, I will also try to participate to the Show Off contest!

I think we might have also a good time at the Tuesday evening party in Universal Studios Hollywood!

And as I am a fan of Mexican food the last post on the PDC blog was really good for me! L.A. Insights: Mexican Food, I hope to have some time to experience some of those different places!