Today working on the development of a website I had the following user story to develop “As an author I want to be able to add a lightbox/darkbox around my content in Live Writer”.

First of all I updated my version of Windows Live Writer to the latest CTP version. You can download it from here: Technical Preview: Now Available for Download! Nice work Joe, it is quite stable and look really nice.

Then I needed to address this user story. To do so I thought to develop my own Live Writer plugin but with some research led me to a FANTASTIC plugin called “Dynamic Template Plugin for Windows Live Writer” and by whom, you guessed, Joe. Great work!

With this plugin I was able to implement in a very user friendly way, the needed insertion of my light and dark boxes. No an author is two click away from having it boxes on the website. Nice, really nice.

But wait this plugin can do much more than templating!

Check all videos available! Watch Example 1, Watch Example 2, Watch Example 3, Watch Example 4, Watch Example 5.

Here is the result. On the left, what you see in live writer, on the right what you see on the website.

I love Live Writer! When the pages editing will evolve it will be the must for CMS.