I found browsing the Internet an old software I developed Xit.

I am not 100% sure it was developed 10 years ago it might be more 11 years ago, but that’s really funny to see things like that still on the Internet. Whoa, I didn’t realized I was that old!!! :) Compared to my 102 grand father I will hopefully write software for quite some time :)

This application was a cool one, it was written for the wonderful AMIGA using the Magic User Interface, MUI (can’t believe that this site still exists) . The application was an icon on you desktop, you had just to drag an archive on it to unpack it, or a set of file to pack.

I first had an AMIGA 500 then an AMIGA 1200, that I still have in a box in the cellar.

At nearly the same time, the Amiga 1200 was released, and featured the MC-68EC020. It also had 2MB Chip RAM (which was expandable to 10MB of total RAM). Both the A1200 and A4000 made use of AmigaDOS 3.0, which added CrossDos, a useful commodity capable of reading and writing MS-DOS-formatted disks. Workbench 3.0 was also included. This release had a number of new features, including “datatypes” and “localization”. Datatypes allowed programs to access data in an unlimited number of formats, whereas localization enabled Workbench and other programs using it to utilize multiple languages. Also, a new filesystem, DCFS (Directory Caching File System), was incorporated.

Today I am running a notebook with 4Gb RAM, it is 2048 time more RAM, crazy!

I had so much fun with the AmigaOS and the Motorola 68000 family CPU :-)

I found the first reference about Xit here:

Short: Use in an intuitive way the XPK libs
Author: lkempe@assisi.fr (Laurent Kempé)
Uploader: lkempe assisi fr (Laurent Kempé)
Type: util/pack
Version: 1.0
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Actually, Xit was written to replace XDrop by Martin A. Blatter which was
issued in 1992. As a matter of fact, Xit is adding some new functionnalities
to its ‘ancester’ XDrop.

Functions of Xit :

Packing/unpacking file(s) or drawer(s)
AppIcon / AppWindow
Fast information about any present packing library
Xit can pop up a window to show the evolution of the (un)packing
A beep can be heard when the (un)packing is over
The destination drawer for the packed files can be chosen
You can choose either to keep or delete the source file
The icon of the file is copied if present
A default icon can be added if not present
The user interface of Xit is MUI based. The windows can be easyly resized
Easy install thanks to the Installer script

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