I would like to congratulate all the French “has-been too old” football players :-)

Then I would like to quote Didier

And my dear Spanish colleagues, friends and non-friends, journalists, trainer and players, sometimes, as in the business field, it is definitely better to keep a low profile and to respect your opponents, and more especially before playing a match, even if you have won your last 26 games. Some examples….”

What about the shameful behaviour of the Spanish fans during the anthem?

Striker Thierry Henry described the rival supporters’ behaviour as shameful. “I’ve never seen that before in the World Cup. It’s shameful that their supporters reacted like that during the Marseillaise.

What about the reaction of the trainer after the match?

“I don’t think the final scoreline was an accurate reflection of what happened,” insisted coach Luis Aragones after Spain’s first defeat in 26 games.

What about the racist remarks of the Spanish trainer (for a while) and supporters?

Aragones and Henry are not the best of friends after Aragones’ used a racist remark in referring to the France striker while trying to motivate Jose Antonio Reyes, an Arsenal teammate of Henry.
Domenech also suggested that some Spain supporters had made monkey noises when the bus carrying the France players arrived at the stadium.”

I think that the best answer was given by the French team during the game. THANKS GUYS !!!

Allez les Bleus!