I had the chance to realize that CSS friendly control adapters beta from the
ASP.NET Team was online for a short time and downloaded it, so I had the
pleasure to experience it a bit this evening.

By the way I recommend the reading of the White Paper, that is well

So my first idea was to integrate the Menu on Tech Head Brothers. IMHO this new
menu is far better than the one delivered with ASP.NET because it uses a pure
CSS approach.

After copying the set of needed files to my project, I was able to start
changing all the CSS to meet my needs. I did not faced any real issue to change
the whole thing, but then I realized that I missed the possibility to know the
selected item of my menu. I started to look at the code and in 2 minutes it was
changed. Nice.

So I render this:

To achieve this I modified the method BuildItem in the file MenuAdapter.cs
like this:

if (item != Control.SelectedItem)
writer.WriteAttribute(“class”, “AspNet-Menu-Link”);

writer.WriteAttribute(“class”, “AspNet-Menu-Link-Selected”);

And then I added the new thing in the CSS, MenuExample.css:

.THBMenu ul.AspNet-Menu li.AspNet-Menu-Leaf a.AspNet-Menu-Link-Selected
color: #1A2633;
background: url(../../PersistantImage.ashx?theme=Default&file=Rounded.gif) no-repeat bottom center;

For such a result:

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