At last TechEd in Amsterdam I was convinced by Aurel to switch the whole design of my community website Tech Head Brothers from tables formating to CSS. Aurelien shown me crazy stuff they are building in Wygwam using CSS and in 5 minutes I was convinced for that change. Now Aurel is kind of my mentor on that and also decided me to go the Atlas way. As I had decided to rewrite the site in ASP.NET 2, I also decided to switch to CSS.

My first experience with CSS was that it is really difficult to get it running on all browsers, but at the time of table I remember that I also had issues. The second problem I had was that lots of the ASP.NET controls are rendering with tables and the mix was not always good and even sometimes difficult to hack.

So when I first heard of the CSS friendly control adapters I thought that’s my man. This morning I was able to download it and I don’t know why they removed the site now, but as I have the setup I will try it over the long weekend.

CSS Rocks !!! Thanks Aurel.