It was a nightmare to have this installed and working!!! For all previous
versions, since the alpha version, I used a Virtual PC. And now that the product
went RTM I decided that it was time to install it on my productive machine.

I had not installed any piece of alpha nor beta software on my productive
environment before starting the installation of Visual Studio 2005 Team

I ran the setup with default options except the location of the folder to
install. Everything went fine till the end and then I had a strange message
about Office 2003 missing SP2 and PIA… It was proposed that I
run VSTOR.EXE manually.

Running VSTOR.EXE I get an error message saying that I need to uninstall
“Visual Studio .NET prerequisites - English”, but I don’t had that as an option
in the Add/Remove.

From the support page (
I downloaded the uninstall tool, even if I never installed beta version before.
Running it, it does uninstall SQL Server 2005 Express, then I get this

The following task did not complete successfully:
Uninstall Visual Studio

I then decided to uninstall and try to re-install, I did it two
times with some operations in between. No way still not working. I started to be
really really pissed off.

To cooooool down I decided to get some music: Jack
Johnson - In Between Dreams
, really really cool. Thanks Mathieu.

Then I went with regedit to
started to uninstall stuff with msiexec /x {guid}

I finally managed to be able to install VSTOR.EXE after
installing .Net Framework 2. Then a full re-install  of Visual Studio 2005
Team Suite without SQL Server 2005 Express that I installed by hand and also
with several trial before being successful.

I finally have a development environment again and I can go on
with the development of Tech Head Brothers in ASP.NET 2.0 and the new version of
the publishing tool based on Word 2003.

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Dreams (03:28) ]