We have seen in the first tips “Fast access
to Workspaces”
, in this one we will see how to access a file saved in file
tool from one workspace. It happens that you are using a file often, and it
starts to be boring to open the correct workspace, then the correct file tool in
that worksapce, even with the Tips 1.
So what you can do is:

  1. Open the workspace, then open the file tool where your file is saved
    Right click on the file and choose Send To / Desktop (create shortcut)

Go on your desktop, you will find the shortcut

Rename the file
Now you can access the file directly on your desktop, but you might also
copy it to one of your folder in the My Groove created in the Tips
When you clik on the shortcut, if groove is running it will open the
workspave, then the file, if it is not open it will start groove