Groove Launchbar is great but sometimes
it simply takes too much time to open it to get to a workspace.

  1. Go with Explorer in your My Documents folder, Create a folder and call it
    My Groove
  2. You might create in your My Groove Folder other Folders to classify your
  3. Open Groove Launchbar
  4. Select one workspace and drag it to the explorer folder you just created,
    you get automatically a shortcut to that workspace
  5. Continue doing so for all workspace you want to have access to
  6. Right click on the taskbar and choose in the context menu Toolbars / New
    Toolbar, in new dialog browse to My Documents / My Groove, click OK

You now have a new Toolbar called My Groove in window’s taskbar that let you
choose a Workspace without running the Groove Launchbar.

And when you click on it: