I am reading through the different blog I subscribed to and saw that interesting entry. I have so many discussions at work concerning Free Software compared to Microsoft way of doing business with Not Free Software. Thats Life, real Life. Another way of seeing the real life is pointed by an opened letter from Clemens Vasters, here. So true.

About FREE software …

An excerpt from the download page of MandrakeLinux:

Since Mandrakelinux is an Open Source product, it needs your financial contribution. Developing a Linux distribution is very costly, so it’s up to the community of users to ensure its health.

They even add: “Before downloading our products, we ask for your support by joining the Mandrakelinux Users Club. The Club was created to fund the development of the Mandrakelinux distribution and to pay the salaries of employees who are dedicated to “external” Free Software projects

They conclude: “Free Software can only remain healthy with your financial support

Hhhhmmm, … “free” they say!!!