After uninstalling V2i from Symantec I was asked to reboot my notebook. The reboot took for ever so I decide after 30 minutes to switch it off. Problems started when I rebooted, lots of drivers where missing and it seems that I lost the plug and play features. One of the first driver I decided to recover was the Sound driver. This is the way I recover from that sound driver issue.

  1. In services, check that WinAudio service is enabled, set to automatic, and running.
  2. In Device Manager, System Devices check that Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator is installed and running

If not , then you need to reinstall it:

  1. Copy machine.inf from %windir%\inf to your desktop
  2. Remove line ExcludeFromSelect=*
  3. Use Add new hardware wizard using the Have Disk option
  4. Select the machine.inf you saved on the desktop
  5. Install Plug and Play Software Device

If the sound card is listed in the device manager, then uninstall it and start a scan for hardware changes. Afer installing it again I got the sound back live.

I did the same for several other drivers that were missing on my notebook. And now it seems to be ok.