I checked a bit what I can find in Longhorn concerning that Biometric stuff. And I found that it is BAPI: bapi.dll, . That specification was bought some long time ago from i/o software and I remember that it was planned to have this integrated in Windows XP. I think that Microsoft did not included it because the biometric technology was not ready at that time.

I know a bit more about BioAPI than BAPI, but at the end I think it works almost the same. There is also a Kernel Biometric Service Provider: kbsp.dll and a tool called biotool.exe permiting to enroll a new biometric credential:



ENROLL  Enroll a new biometric credential.


FP      Fingerprint

sources (specific to each method):

RT    Right Thumb (FP)<br>      RI    Right Index (FP)<br>      RM    Right Middle (FP)<br>      RR    Right Ring (FP)<br>      RP    Right Pinky (FP)<br>      LT    Left Thumb (FP)<br>      LI    Left Index (FP)<br>      LM    Left Middle (FP)<br>      LR    Left Ring (FP)<br>      LP    Left Pinky (FP)