I started to develop an Omea
Plugin using Omea OpenAPI. The OpenAPI is a set of tools,
documentation and sample code which can be used for developing Omea plugins. The
current version of the OpenAPI is available here: Omea-OpenAPI-1.0.3.zip (1
MB). The development is straight forward, I like the API.

My idea is to bring the content that I aggregate in Omea to another tool that
I am using.

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ComponentArt was
kind enough to offer me a free license of there ASP.NET components: Web.UI
2.1 for ASP.NET. I post about the components because I was really
impressed about the quality and decided to integrate some of them on my
web site Tech Head Brothers.

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This evening I attended a webcast about web service
interopearability. It was done by Michele
Leroux Bustamante
of IDesign. The
subject was .NET and Bea Weblogic interop and was really interesting. I would
like to see now the way to do the same development using Eclipse and deploying
the Web service in Weblogic. One of the link to remember about this webcast is:
Interop Warriors (such a nice
name ;).

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This morning at 1:30 AM, I reached a new milestone in the development of the publishing tool I am developing for Tech Head Brothers web site. I was able to publish content directly from Word 2003 using a Web Service secured by WS-Policy and a X509 certificate.

Yesterday, finally, I was able to create a X509 certificate working correctly with WSE SP2. After lots and lots of trials using makecert without any success, I tried openssl under cygwin. And guess what, the certificate was working correctly. That was the main issue I had since a while.

Now I am searching the way to install the public part of the certificate during the setup of the application. Any idea ?

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Ever wanted to copy paste some code from Visual Studio .NET 2003 to your blog tool (e.g. Sauce Reader) and keep the colorization ?
Here is the solution, CopySourceAsHtml, an awesome plugin from Colin Coller. The cool point is that if “VS.NET can highlight it, CSAH can copy it, and your code should look the same in your browser as it does in your editor“. I was a bit disappointed not finding the context menu in the editor for other source then C# but you might add a keyboard shortcups as described on this page.

Even better, Colin provides the source. I guess I will soon integrate his colorization way to Tech Head Brothers Word 2003 publishing tool.

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