I recently participated to a great experience!!! Writing a book with 12 co-authors using Sharepoint. I wrote two chapters about the development with Visual Studio .NET 2003 for Sharepoint and one part of a chapter about the integration of Groove and Sharepoint. This book is now available, here.

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During the last Tech Ed in Barcelona I met Ron Jacobs during his presentation of the “Microsoft .NET Reference Building Blocks” on Friday afternoon. That was really a good presentation of the main Building Blocks. Btw I like this idea of Building Blocks and will use most of them in my next release of my web site: Tech Head Bothers. He was kind enough after I made some pictures for him to let me go on stage to make a picture with him showing the web site in background. Cool !!!

Continue the good work with your team!!! And if you want some more pictures of your presentation just contact me.

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Today we are, Mathieu and Laurent, at the “Tour de France”. Jerome will arrive the afternoon. So we only miss Kader to have the whole team at this event. It is not about cycling but about ASP.NET. We will present our web site Tech head Brothers to the east of France .NET community. I will post this evening a set of pictures form the event.

As requested by EROL a picture from that event:

THANKS to Microsoft Team it was a very nice day and a cool evening !!!! Hey Pascal, ALLEZ l’OM ;-)

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