If you are using ASP.NET Validators in UpdatePanel consider the post of Matt Gibbs : “ASP.NET AJAX Validators“.

ASP.NET AJAX provides new APIs for registering script with the ScriptManager. Using these APIs allows controls to work well with partial rendering. Without them, controls placed inside an UpdatePanel won’t work as expected. In previous CTP releases of ASP.NET AJAX, we had a set of validator controls that derived from the v2.0 controls and used the new APIs. This made them work well with ASP.NET AJAX. WindowsUpdate will soon include a version of System.Web that can take advantage of the new APIs. So the new controls which would have been redundant have been removed. However, the update isn’t available yet and ASP.NET AJAX has been released. So, in the short-term, the source code for a set of custom validator controls that work with partial rendering is available here.
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Microsoft just released the new version of ASP.NET AJAX as Beta, there are going out of the CTP cycles.

With ASP.NET AJAX, developers can quickly create pages with rich, responsive UI and more efficient client-server communication by simply adding a few server controls to their pages. This new Web development technology from Microsoft integrates cross-browser client script libraries with the ASP.NET 2.0 development framework. ASP.NET AJAX provides developers building client-based Web experiences with a familiar development process and programming model that they already know from using server-side ASP.NET development. Because ASP.NET AJAX is integrated with ASP.NET, developers have full access to the built-in ASP.NET 2.0 application services and the entire .NET Framework.
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This morning I had a strange crash of ASP.NET Development Server, it is the first time that it happens and I was really stressed about it.

With debugger I got: “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in Unknown Module.”
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If you read my post about Flicker Fix that was included and removed from the first distribution of CSS friendly control adapters beta you might have heard that it created a security hole.

Having a handler or other reading a file that you might specify the path in a parameter is a really really bad idea. It lets for example read possibility to your web.config file to anybody just browsing your site. If your connection string to the db is in clear then… too bad.
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This morning I was able to integrate Atlas in the new release under development of Tech Head Brothers. In less than a hour I had an UpdatePanel in the page that describes the differents authors of the site. Now when you click on the picture of an author the biography is shown without the full post back. And it is really really easy. I am also adding a tab to show all publication of the auhtor.

Congratulations to the Atlas Team!!! Great work.
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