We finally arrived in Los Angeles, Sébastien Ros and myself after quite a trip.

We left Mulhouse (East of France) at 7:AM on Saturday direction Paris, then Paris direction Seattle and finally Los Angeles.

We had a Mexican diner, I love Mexican food, with Sébastien at Loteria Grill – Hollywood. There website sucks but the place is good and the food was excellent.

We were 25 hours up and running and I am somehow tired. The first night at The hotel Roosevelet on Hollywood Boulevard was awful with two neighbors rooms making such a noise from 11PM to 2 AM finished by a big fight in the hotel corridor on the 8th floor. Unbelievable!!!

I couldn’t make any picture during the flight from Paris to Seattle, but we saw some amazing scene on top of Iceland and Canada!

Here a re some pictures of the trip from Seattle to Los Angeles with Alaska Airlines!


Mont Rainier

Beautiful nature on the way

Approaching Los Angeles

Arriving at Los Angeles

Los Angeles with the famous Hollywood logo on the background

Los Angeles

You might watch my PDC 2008 pictures on flickr.