I finally managed to have my Addins in Visual Studio .NET 2003 working again, with reinstallation of it and then running a repair.

Then I installed ReSharper 0.81; I am part of the Early Access Program, and worked with it for a couple of hours. There is much more features then the older version I tried, and for the moment I am happy with it. It brings lots of added value that will be present in Whidbey in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

What I would really like is a kind of class view where you can browse your solution with types organized. In one window you choose a class, then in another you see it methods, attributes… And when you click one of them then you see in the editor only this part of the source code. I think that regions are quite limited and I would really like to have an editor with that kind of possibilities. During the MVP Summit I discussed with some guys of the Visual Studio .Net team but the answer was most of the time that the client does not work like that. I really see an added value working like that because you can browse easily your class hierarchy and modify easily your code.