That’s just a reminder for me about Fiddler and localhost/

#### I don’t see IE7 or .NET traffic sent to localhost or

IE7 and the .NET Framework are hardcoded not to send requests for Localhost through proxies. Fiddler runs as a proxy. The workaround is to use your machine name as the hostname instead of Localhost or

So, for instance, rather than hitting http://**localhost**:8081/mytestpage.aspx, instead visit http://**machinename**:8081/mytestpage.aspx. Alternatively, you can use http://**localhost.:8081/mytestpage.aspx (note the trailing dot after localhost). Alternatively, you can customize your Rules file like so:

static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession:Fiddler.Session){
( == “MYAPP”) { = “”; }

…and then navigate to http://myapp, which will act as an alias for